Stellr is a pitch-shifter/delay/reverb sound processor aimed to recreate the classic shimmer effect. It makes deep etherial ambiance on top of your sound, providing you with a wide variety of sonic possibilities. Add a new dimension to your music.




Electrogene is a low fidelity audio effect combining bit-crusher, modulation, saturation and filter with scope visualizer. Refined algorithms can produce warm or harsh sound reminding retro digital or analog audio system.

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Drum Machine Apps


Vatanator is a unique iOS drum machine with advanced MIDI functionality.
It features 140 built-in presets emulating every classic vintage hardware.

Vatanator SX for iPhone


Vatanator SX is the drum machine for iPhone.
We offer 140 presets of vintage hardware goodies as well as advanced MIDI integration and wireless connectivity. You can save and load presets, apply effects and fine-tune the overall mix. The interface is easy to use yet powerful with loads of small details to extend you sound palette.

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Vatanator for iPad


Vatanator is the drum machine for iPad.
It comes packed with 140 built-in presets, and ability to add your own samples. There is an advanced MIDI integration, MIDI learn function and option to save your project for further use.The interface is simple yet one can dive in deep in the options.  It has two main modes where you can play with the pads or arrange a pattern and additional menus for effects, mixer, and song arrangement.

vatanator app store