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Vatanator – now available for macOS

Vatanator is now available for macOS, standalone app and AUv3.

Vatanator Pro – an advanced multitrack music sequencer

Vatanator Pro is an advanced multitrack music sequencer with integrated drum machine, sampler and functionality to load external AUv3 instruments and effects. Vatanator Pro is an all-in-one music composer for instant results with full MIDI and MPE support.


Advanced multi-track music sequencer with MIDI options and arpeggiator

Integrated Drum kit editor & Sample recorder with automatic slice kit creation

Vatanator Pro

All in one music composer


Real-time drum sampler with individual effects and XY pad for hands-on control

On-screen piano and isomorphic keyboard for playing/recording AUv3 instruments.


Create music on the go


Easy import of audio / MIDI files to create a track. Record and arrange your song.

Record patterns in real-time, add effects and create a mix with the multi-channel mixer.


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