Vatanator SX drum machine for iPhone

drum machine iphone vatanator

We are excited to announce that we finally released our Vatanator SX drum machine for iPhone. It has all the iPad goodies plus additional effects as well as XY pad. Now it’s more than easy to compose and save your tracks on the go. Your iPhone is now a full-blown drum machine.

Additionally, you can connect your Vatanator iPad app with Vatanator SX to make cool beats on two or more devices at the same time.

Vatanator SX features:

  • iOS 7.1 and up compatible
  • Record patterns in real-time with quantization, MIDI assignable
  • 16/32 steps sequencer with advanced MIDI options
  • Fast loading of presets on the fly
  • Full MIDI implementation
  • Background audio
  • Audiobus, Audiobus Remote, Inter-App Audio and Ableton Link support
  • Ability to import samples via AudioShare, AudioCopy, Dropbox or iTunes Share
  • Real-time effects with XY pad, MIDI assignable and automation
  • Song arranger, ability to store a sequence of patterns and play them in order
  • 8 channel mixer with volume control and mute/solo for any individual instrument


Download Vatanator SX User Guide